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The future of implant prosthetics

We are now making the fully automatic production of individual implant abutments possible with the revolutionary “starbutment” system. Precise, quick, cost-efficient and with the help of few details.

Apply an individual titanium abutment in two minutes and without any digitalisation.

With “starabutment”, it’s possible for almost anyone to play in the premier league of implant prosthetics: You will receive a measuring tool in order to determine the height and diameter of the emergence profile and to specify the angle of inclination and overall height of the abutment. The final rotation can differ depending on the implant system and can also be determined in next to no time.

Together with the acquisition of other data such as implant diameter or region, an order can be created in a total of 2 minutes – a massive time advantage compared to standard scanning and modelling on the PC. The data is transferred to an in-house developed software solution, which generates a “starabutment” as a 3D model in a fully automatic process in just a few seconds.

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Inexpensive and high-quality is not a utopia, but a technological advantage.

Production can take place a few minutes after order receipt, whereby we can offer production and delivery within a spectacular time of 24 hours. In addition, automation reduces production costs, which makes “starbutments” more attractive compared to standard abutments in terms of price.

The “starbutment concept”

All advantages at a glance

  • No investment necessary
  • More affordable than commercial abutments
  • Expenditure of time is significantly reduced for the customer
  • Shorter delivery times due to an automated production process
  • Combines the advantages of individual and pre-fabricated implant abutments
  • High fitting accuracy and surface quality
  • All established implant systems can be supplied

Here’s how it works:
You now have three possibilities of ordering a Starbutment®

1. Request order form
Request an order form for your desired implant manufacturer from our office:

Telephone: +43 6462 32880
Fax: +43 6462 601111

Please complete and send it back to us via post or fax.

2. Download the order form
Simply download your order form for your desired implant manufacturer:

Please complete and send it back to us via post, email or fax.

3. Order online
Simply order your desired starbutment via our web order service.

In order to facilitate the filling of the order form even more, you can now order our angle gauges from us online in the prosthetics web shop.