Crowns and bridges
Only the best from CAD/CAM technology and first class dental raw materials.

Together with our many years of know-how as dental technicians, this is a perfect combination to guarantee excellent accuracy of fit and aesthetics irrespective of the requirement, material and manufacturer.

Crowns & bridges


Cost-efficient zirconia in 6 colours with a very high bend resistance and medium translucency. Suitable for frameworks with up to 14 links.

Highly translucent zirconia in 16 vita colours with a high bend resistance. Suitable for fully contoured crowns and bridges as well as frameworks up to 14 links.

Premium zirconium from Aitide in 16 vita colours with a natural colour gradient.

Translucent: 57%
Hardness: 1050 MPa

Suitable for fully anatomical crowns and bridges.

Glass ceramic for the efficient manufacture of highly aesthetic, fully anatomical individual tooth restorations. Available in many translucency levels and all vita colours.

Hybrid ceramic with a dual network structure that combines the best characteristics of ceramic and composite. Available in two translucency levels and 5 vita 3D-master colours.

Very stable and highly aesthetic hybrid ceramic for inlays, onlays and veneers. Available in 8 vita colours and 2 translucency levels.

Titanium alloy grade 5-ELI with increased purity for maximum biocompatibility. Suitable for frameworks and bars, implant bridges and supra-constructions.

High quality NEM alloy, suitable for all VMK technology applications as well as for bars, implant bridges and supra-constructions.

Hybrid glass ceramic with an optimised, highly compressed filler technology based on ceramic. Suitable for long-term provisionals or as an alternative to full ceramic. Available in 6 vita colours.

Blanks made of polymethylmethacrylate for the manufacture of fully anatomical provisionals. Available in 5 vita colours.

Clear PMMA plastic for the manufacture of mouthpieces and burn-out cast objects.