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CADstar Success Partner


to make a difference. For you and your country.

We are growing fast and so we are looking for country managing partners to conquer the digital dental market.

Are you ready?


Your success is our goal

Innovation and quality are our key values which formed our products. But also the people behind our scanners make the difference. In order to ensure the success of your business and make the difference for you we share all our knowledge and tools. You will get a 100% support from us in any kind.

CADstar Success Partner


You will get all the marketing documents and tools in your local language. We can also provide help for special concerns.

* print documents (eg. sales folder)
* digital documents (eg. product website)
* POS items (eg. Rollups for exhibition)

CADstar Success Partner


We also do our best to provide financial support to help you increase your profitability and strengthen your customer loyalty.

* financial starting package (depending on credit rating and market share)
* demo device (Up to 6 months for free)
* payment target 90 days (depending on MOQ)

CADstar Success Partner


We will train you in many fields. You will feel confident in answering customer questions, operating the scanner and so on.

* product training
* sales training
* customer complaint training

CADstar Success Partner


We are always by your side. If you have questions let us know, if you need help let us know, if you have problems let us know.

* Questions and answer (anytime)
* CADstar Success Call (4 times a year)
* CADstar Success Day (once a year in Austria)



has never been so easy!

CADstar Success Partner

Your future products

that will change the game for you

Automatic Occlusion:NoYesYes
ID Detection:NoYesYes
Deep View (quad-cam scanning technique):NoYesYes
Model capacity:1 model1 model2 models
Scantime per model:12 sec.*10 sec.*5 sec.*
Cameras:2 (black/white)4 (ColorRGB)8 (ColorRGB)
Resolution cameras:12 MPX24 MPX48 MPX

* depending on scanmode

100% compatibility with exocad capacity for whole articulator  5 μm accuracy 2 year guarantee

CADstar Success Partner

Hostory of evolution

CADstar Success Partner

We give our best to support and guide you. Together we can make your dreams come true.

Apply today

and become a CADstar Success Partner

Step #1 – Apply

Everybody in the dental market will get the opportunity to become the country managing partner of his home country. Just follow the link below and apply for a personal contact in the KickOff-Step.

Step #2 – KickOFF

In this step we are looking forward to getting to know you personal. In an online meeting we will talk about our vision, your business and motivation and the action plan to conquer the digital dental market.

Step #3 – Onboarding

After our internal election process we will contact our new partners personally. If it was you we selected – Congratulations and welcome on board! You are now a CADstar Success Partner.

Step #4 – Conquer

We welcome you in our headquarter in Austria and together we are working on a plan which is fitting your needs. You will get to know our products, feel our spirit and get all your sales-tools from us.

CADstar Success Partner

Let‘s think big together and make the change.

Jürgen Moser
International Sales Coordinator

Let’s make that change!