CS.Ultra Pro

CS.Ultra Pro

CS.Ultra Pro – Uncompromising & efficient. The second scanner generation

Sophisticated technology, uncompromising efficiency and accomplished design are the characteristics of the “PRO” series.

The “CS.Ultra PRO” is a high-performance scanner of the second generation, developed for professional users with a sophisticated requirement profile.

Technical details

Dimensions: H:385 x W:398 x L:387 (mm)
Weight: 16 kg
Scanning process: White stripe light with texture and colour recognition
Accuracy: approx. 5μm
Scan time: < 5 seconds per recording
2 scan modes: Wizard and Pro
2 USB cameras: USB 3.0 interface, e2y CMOS sensor

File Output-Formats:

CS.Ultra ProCS.Ultra ProCS.Ultra ProCS.Ultra Pro

TRU Smile

Hand-drawn colour markings on the model are neatly and sharply captured, and prepared in Exocad for the design process. This function is especially helpful for the digital manufacturing of partial frameworks.

USB 3.0

New high-performance industrial cameras with an ultra-fast USB 3.0 interface and new CMOS sensor. The high data rate shortens the scan time by around 40%, and the transfer speed to the PC is increased signifi cantly.

CS.Ultra Pro

The unique drive system and improved sensors ensure more dynamics during the scanning process. An advanced data format with further developed compression reduces the memory requirement by up to 80% in comparison to the previous version.

Direct Positioning System

The “direct positioning system” enables direct control of individual scanner axes for the capturing of hard-to-access areas.

Index Positioning System

The “index positioning system” guarantees the simultaneous capturing of the current model position, which guarantees ultra-fast and accurate digitalisation, even with objects with small parts.


All common indications – from caps and frames, and occlusal splints to individual abutments – can be easily scanned and modelled.

CS.Ultra Pro

All conventional articulators (e.g. Amann Girrbach, KaVo and SAM) can be digitally captured. Bite registration can be automatically and correctly transferred to Exocad. Chewing simulations can also be easily carried out.

CS.Ultra Pro

Greater convenience through a user-friendly mounting system as well as a practical “wizard function” – taking you through the scanning process with ease from start to finish.

CS.Neo - Kalibrationskörper

Calibration body

The calibration body is part of the CS.Ultra Pro recalibration system and allows recalibration of the system after vibrations or varying environmental conditions.


The open construction of the CS.Ultra Pro also enables the user to completely digitalise all common articulators with the aid of the Arti Base. The scanner automatically captures the entire vestibular area of the articulated models, and there is no annoying fixing of the upper and lower jaw.

CS.Neo - Arti Base

CS.Neo - Multi-Die Adapter

Multi Die Adapter

The Multi Die Adapter enables simultaneous capturing of up to 9 stumps with just one scan. This practical accessory means that the necessary scan time can be reduced and the economic efficiency of your device can be increased further.

Model holder with screw

The model holder of the CS.Ultra Pro keeps models at an ideal distance from the scanner and can also be upgraded with the model fixator.

CS.Neo - Modellhalter mit Schraubsystem

CS.Neo - Modellhalter mit Blu Tack

Model holder with blu tack

The model holder with blu tack can be included as default as well. It is an alternative to model holder with screw.

Quarter Tray Adapter

With the Quarter Tray Adapter, partial models of upper and lower jaws, and up to four stumps, can be scanned simultaneously, which significantly increases the productivity of the scanning system. In just two scanning steps, the occlusion and subsequently the neighbouring teeth and stumps are captured.

CS.Neo - Quarter-Tray Adapter

CS.Neo - Split Cast Adapter

Split Cast Adapter

With the aid of the optional Split Case Adapter, bite registrations from common articulators can be transferred to the software automatically, correctly and with no loss of precision. We recommend this accessory above all for users of the following Exocad modules: Virtual Articulator, Splint Module.

Adapters are compatible with:
• Artex / Adesso • Bioart A7 • Denar Mark2 • KaVo Protar • Quicksplit • SAM

Model fixator

Compatible with any model holder, model fixator provides a firm and reliable occlusion; fast and easy to use, can be applied on any case and will ensure a clear view of the buccal teeth profile.

CS.Neo - Modell Fixator