CS.Neo – Remarkable results stunningly simple

Boost your efficiency — save 60% scanning time

The new Integrated Pattern Generation Technology generates and processes the projected patterns directly in the optical head to achieve unrivaled scanning speed and makes the scanning process up to 60% faster .

12 seconds 
 full arch 

16 seconds 
 9 dies (multi-die) 

CS.Ultra Pro (30 sec.) 0%

CS.Neo (12 sec.) 0%

Data you can trust!

Rendering Genauigkeit CS Neo

Skala Genauigkeit CS Neo

5 µm

2 µm

ISO Logo

CADstar uses approved ISO standards for measuring and documenting the accuracy of all scanners. On top of that, the scanners are stress-tested in CADstar‘s dental production facility to achieve a perfect fit of all restoration types.

As you like it – You can choose out of 3 colors to get a perfect fit into your laboratory environment.
Classic // Manhattan Grey // All Black

Measurments: H:380 x W:395 x D:335 (mm)
Weight: 12 kg
Cameras: 2x 2Mpx
Scan System: 2-Axis
Language: Multilingual
Connection type: USB 3.0
Power supply: 100-240V / 50-60 Hz
Measurment volume:: 120x60x60 mm
Acquisition type: TRU color information
Acquisition technology: structured white light

File Output-Formats:




Optical Status Indicator

The OSI visually informs the user about the scanners current operating status.

CS.Neo smart operating

Smart operating

3D Mouse and Touch Screen Ready Navigation.

CS.Neo high resolution

High resolution

HR scan data with sharper edges and cleaner details.

CS.Neo white LED Lichtquelle

White LED light source

To obtain as much scan data as possible, CS.Neo uses the full spectrum of light.

CS.Neo verlässliche Resultate

Reliable results

Provided by a high precise glass calibration body and a calibration control system. Environmental sensors are giving feedback to the user when it‘s time for a recalibration.

CS.Neo Multidie Adapter

A tool to increase productivity

Speed up your daily work by reducing scanning steps with the quarter tray adapter.

CS.Neo TRU color

TRU color

Hand-drawn color markings on the model are neatly and sharply captured, and prepared in Exocad for the design process. This function is especially helpful for the digital manufacturing of partial frameworks.

CS.Neo Pro - automatisierte Achse für Abdrücke

Automated impression axis

Thanks to the attachable 3rd Axis, you are able to scan double-sided or single tray impressions fully automatically.

CS.Neo Pro - optimiertes Abdruck-Scannen

Deep acquisition strategies

Ability to look deeper into impressions or narrow areas, using our new PCT® technique and adapted scan strategies.

Digitization has never been so easy

CS.Neo Screenshot SW

CS.Neo smart integration

Smart integration

Manual or automatic rescan function to gain even more scan data from hard to capture areas.

CS.Neo - AutoUpdate Funktion

AutoUpdate function

Get all new software updates automatically.

CS.Neo - Online Hilfe

Online help

You got stuck? Get quick answers directly out of the scan application.

CS.Neo - Schnittstellen

Seamless workflow

integration with Exocad and other 3rd party CAD applications.

CS.Neo - AutoSave Funktion

AutoSave & ReUse raw data

Stop and Restart your work whenever you like. Don’t start from scratch when you change your project during the scan.

CS.Neo - Click-less Workflow

Click-less Workflow

Click-less workflow with full automatic alignment and automated work steps.

CS.Neo - Guided Workflow

Guided workflow function

for hassle-free scanning and expert mode with more options and customizable scan strategies for advanced users.

CS.Neo - MDP

Multicore data processing

Unleash the full potential of your workstation to reduce processing time.

CS.Neo - Kalibrationskörper

Calibration body

The calibration body is part of the CS.Neo recalibration system and allows recalibration of the system after vibrations or varying environmental conditions.


The open construction of the CS.Neo also enables the user to completely digitalise all common articulators with the aid of the Arti Base. The scanner automatically captures the entire vestibular area of the articulated models, and there is no annoying fixing of the upper and lower jaw.

CS.Neo - Arti Base

CS.Neo - Multi-Die Adapter

Multi Die Adapter

The Multi Die Adapter enables simultaneous capturing of up to 9 stumps with just one scan. This practical accessory means that the necessary scan time can be reduced and the economic efficiency of your device can be increased further.

Model holder with screw

The model holder of the CS.Neo keeps models at an ideal distance from the scanner and can also be upgraded with the model fixator.

CS.Neo - Modellhalter mit Schraubsystem

CS.Neo - Modellhalter mit Blu Tack

Model holder with blu tack

The model holder with blu tack can be included as default as well. It is an alternative to model holder with screw.

Quarter Tray Adapter

With the Quarter Tray Adapter, partial models of upper and lower jaws, and up to four stumps, can be scanned simultaneously, which significantly increases the productivity of the scanning system. In just two scanning steps, the occlusion and subsequently the neighbouring teeth and stumps are captured.

CS.Neo - Quarter-Tray Adapter

CS.Neo - Split Cast Adapter

Split Cast Adapter

With the aid of the optional Split Case Adapter, bite registrations from common articulators can be transferred to the software automatically, correctly and with no loss of precision. We recommend this accessory above all for users of the following Exocad modules: Virtual Articulator, Splint Module.

Adapters are compatible with:
• Artex / Adesso • Bioart A7 • Denar Mark2
• KaVo Protar • Quicksplit • SAM • Gamma

Model fixator

Compatible with any model holder, model fixator provides a firm and reliable occlusion; fast and easy to use, can be applied on any case and will ensure a clear view of the buccal teeth profile.

CS.Neo - Modell Fixator

CS.Neo Pro - Automatisierte Abdruck-Achse

Automated impression axis

This attachable 3rd Axis with clip is able to mount single tray or triple tray impressions. Double sided impressions will be scanned on both sides during the acquisition process to capture upper jaw, lower jaw and the bite situation automatically.