CS 3600 – profitable & efficient. Digital impression in the CADstar dental network

The CADstar dental network is a consortium of the practice, dental laboratory and CADstar in a validated communication and production channel.

Thus, CADstar is a system partner and takes over the installation and support of the devices and produces models and restorations for the laboratory. Our visionary partner concept brings dentists, dental laboratories and CADstar together. The partnership results in a win-win-win situation for the operator, laboratory and patient.

CS 3600

CADstar Dental Network

CS 3600

Your benefits at a glance

Better conditions for dentist and laboratory

Easier communication with network partners

High-quality work for the patient

Perfect integration in your practice management software thanks to the VDDS connection

The digital workflow reduces the direct treatment costs by 17 %

(study of the dental clinic of the University of Bern)

79 % of the patients prefer digital impressions compared to conventional ones. (*2)

(Market research company Exevia 2015)

Benefits for your laboratory

  • Laboratories in the CADstar dental network can receive intra-oral scan data free of charge (via CS Connect or Exocad Dentalshare)
  • By obtaining an intra-oral scanner, the laboratory will receive the Exocad Model Creator worth €1,090 free of charge and a voucher for CADstar milling services worth €1,000.
  • Contrary to other intra-oral / chair-side solutions, the earning remain in the laboratory
  • Cost and time savings due to simplified communication with the operator, irrespective of the distance
  • New customer acquisition possible, even at greater distances
  • Greater connector of the operator to the laboratory
  • Repetitions due to impression errors are omitted (rate of repetition for conventional impressions: approx. 6 %)
  • Practice and laboratory supported by CADstar, therefore customer service is faster and easier
  • Better results achievable due to the coordinated workflow on part of CADstar (scan — design — model manufacture — milling services)
  • Time saving: No scans in the laboratory

Benefits for your practice

  • Special conditions for the intra-oral scanner and CADstar services
  • No on-going licensing fees or scanning fees
  • No mixing of impression materials
  • No setting and disinfection times
  • Direct quality control of the preparation and removal of errors in real-time
  • Reproducible impression results and no more impression errors
  • Significant reduction of material use
  • Direct transmission of data and simplified communication Positioning as a digital practice
  • Fewer waste products
  • Additional information such as patient photos, tooth colour, desired material

Benefits for your customer

  • No foreign bodies of impression materials in the mouth for long periods, thus, no gag reflex
  • More hygienic impression
  • No waiting times for the hardening of the impression, shorter treatment time
  • Patients included in the process due to visualisation
  • No repeated impressions
  • Very high accuracy of fit
  • Possible incompatibilities toward impression materials not applicable
  • Free of radiation and side effects